Take Every Opportunity – The High Dive Effect

Ice fishing was a great bonding experience

My dad drills a hole in the ice.

My dad called and asked, “Do you want to come ice fishing with me at 3AM tomorrow? I’ll pay for you.” My preprogrammed response to most questions, especially those ending in ‘I’ll pay for you’… “Yes!”

It took only a few moments after I clicked the ‘end’ button on my iPhone to realize what I had just gotten myself into. I mourned only for a moment over the few precious hours of sleep I was to lose and turned my thoughts to all the perks I was in for. Quality time with dad, a new experience, R&R, a complimentary McDonald’s breakfast and of course FREE FRESH FISH!

I made a decision a while ago to say ‘Yes’ 3 times out of 4 when someone asks me to do something. Help me move? Sure! Can you work with me mowing lawns tomorrow? Of course! Can you help me make this gears of war costume? Uhh.. I guess! Taking this approach has improved my life greatly. It has helped to strengthen my relationships, it has opened up career opportunities and it has helped prevent me from becoming a bump on a log. People often ask me how it is that I juggle so many different jobs/businesses/hobbies/volunteer positions. The answer is something I call the “high dive effect”.

When I was a kid, I would go to the lake with my family on warm Sunday afternoons. The lake in question had a 10 foot tall high dive. I remember climbing up and just standing there on the platform scared out of my shorts to jump. Sometimes I’d waste 10 minutes just waiting to muster up the courage. But once I just left my comfort zone and took the leap, I enjoyed the ride down! Saying “Yes” produces a similar effect. When you say ‘Yes’ it’s just like taking that leap from the comfortable platform, you agree to take the ride wherever it goes, to figure it out one way or another. As long as you use wisdom when taking the yes leap, you’ll have a good high dive effect. Here is a graph that shows some of my results…

The high dive effect

Just say yes!

The reason I’m able to work from home is because I have 4 small sources of income, each of which I’m involved in because I said “Yes” to an opportunity instead of No. See where saying Yes takes you!

Save wisely and live happy.

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    Great article! I love your High Dive Effect Chart. Saying yes definitely has it’s unforeseen rewards. Glad you avoided one disaster. I guess we still have to be a little discerning when it comes to jumping in with both feet. :)

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