SWAG BUCKS – Earn free merchandise and $ from browsing the internet

Search & WinSwagbucks is a website that allows you to search, play games, take polls, take surveys and more to earn digital “swagbucks”, you can then redeem these swagbucks for gift cards, merchandise, etc.   I’ve been using it for a week and I have about 300 swagbucks, just from searching the internet, answering a few polls and just using normal internet activity through swagbucks.

If you recommend it to your friends and your friends start to use it, you gain points from their usage also.
An example of what you can redeem is:
450 points = $5 amazon gift card.
Download a movie like “Ben Hur”, “Salt”, and “The Last Airbender” is 1299 -1999 Swagbucks.

If I get 300 swagbucks a week from my normal activity, I can download a movie once a month for free.

So, sign up and then recommend friends to sign up, and when they sign up under your recommendation, YOU receive the rewards/prizes.

Save wisely and live happy!

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