Celebrate Fall Craft Ideas

I’m an artsy craftsy type of guy. When fall starts to roll around I get that hankering for pumpkin candles, orange leaves and fall craft projects!
Last night I cozied up with my family and pulled out our bins of fall decor from last year and started churning up some fall craft ideas. My favorite way to celebrate fall is to make fall wreaths with my family. I want to show you how to make fall wreath. This is my favorite signature Fall Burlap Wreath.
twig wreath

Michael's should have these in stock.

You start with one of these twig wreath forms from Michaels, $4.99.
burlap roll

Burlap is so.. fall-ish!

Next you take your handy roll of burlap (also from Michael’s) and wrap the bottom half of the wreath. This creates an awesome look and hides all the wires from the flowers that we’re going to attach.
fall wreaths

Wrap as much or as little of the form as you'd like.

After it’s wrapped, cut the burlap and secure it on the back temporarily with an extra twig you have lying around. You may also opt to glue it stuck with your glue gun, but I found that to be a messy way to go.
acorns, pumpkins and flowers

If you don't have any of this lying around, there's always a sale at Michael's!

You are now ready to create the background. Pull out the different fall flower bouquets you’ve been storing up from clearance sales (or run out and pick up a few new ones!). I simply bend the branches back and forth until they break off. Some bouquets can be easily dismantled with scissors.
yellow fall leaves

Choose any kind of foliage for the background. I used what I had lying around.

In my case, I decided to go with some nice yellow leaves. I break them down into a few manageable bits and cut off the plastic at the bottom to expose the wire. This makes them easier to insert through the burlap and into the wreath.
make fall wreath

Celebrate fall with fall craft projects!

You’re going to create a background by strategically placing these branches through the BACK of the burlap.
Wreath in progress

The background is starting to come together.

Add leaves to your hearts content. Use your own artistic expression, create a forest or use these leaves sparingly.
disassemble flower bouquets

You can disassemble any bouquet for it's parts.

This fall craft project is starting to come together! After my main background is complete, I break down a different bouquet to add more depth and life to the wreath. In this case, I’ll break down this small fall flower bouquet.

combine old elements to create new elements

I take the grass stalks and insert a piece of extra wire that I broke off from the bouquet and secure the wire in place with my handy glue gun. Again, this will make it easy to affix the grass through the burlap.
wreath in progress

I use little bits most people would throw away to finish the background.

Alright, now I’ve added some stalks of grass and a few other little leaves that I had lying around. You may find it difficult to get the wire through the bundle of twigs under the burlap, just wiggle it around until it finds a cozy place to call home. Now I’m really feeling in the mood to celebrate fall!
more wreath progress

Make it your own.

There’s some negative space in the middle so I’ll add some more flowers and other items to create a bit more depth of field for my center piece. Now I’m satisfied with the background.
Add the moss

Moss makes it more 'alive'

This is my favorite part. I’ll use some moss that I picked up at Michael’s last year on sale to begin setting the stage for the focal point of this wreath. It makes it look more “alive” in my opinion.

Add some color

Add some color

Time to add some flair. A couple bright orange leaves really shows that this wreath means fall. You simply affix them with your hot glue gun. I personally lay them on first to find an arrangement I like. After I find positioning that looks good, I get glueing.
add some more detail

I like the contrasting colors

Last I add some pine cones to cover up the bottom of the moss and then I get to the best part of all: The focal point. I had some little rustic looking pumpkins left from last year, so I chose a few of my favorites. Again, I arrange them in an interesting way before I get out the glue gun. After I found a set up that works, I carefully begin the process of glueing the set pieces in place.
finished wreath

All done.

All finished. If you don’t celebrate fall with craft projects you can order one of these fashionable wreaths from me directly.

Fall Wreaths

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    Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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