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Get Free Money with your Credit Card

My good pal ThriftyRachel wrote a great article about the perils and pitfalls of credit card use. The driving point of her article is 100% true and pretty frightening: When we use a credit card for a purchase, we are willing to spend more. And we’ll even spend money that we don’t have. Rachel concluded […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Credit Cards

One idea that’s popular among savers is using your credit card for all purchases and getting cash back for them. Who doesn’t want 3% cash back on groceries. We work hard for $1 off Doritos so why not double up on savings and pull out the plastic? I started to ask myself, “Why do Credit card […]

Fiverr – Odd jobs for cash!

Today a friend told me about a website called I’ve gotta say, this site is amazing. If you’re looking to make some extra cash in your spare time, you’ve gotta go check it out now. Go on, skip this review, go get started! Basically will connect people who are willing to do X […]

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