I’m Back!

After a 7 month employment stint with Prospect Marketing Group (aka business leader, in touch today, opportunity world, castle advertising etc..) I, the Thrifty Guru am back to working from home. Yes, today I got a call from PMG CEO Eran Salu’s partner Mike Plotnik who informed me gently, but sternly that PMG has decided to part ways with me. It was a very educational experience working with PMG, I’ll miss being on salary, but I won’t miss the 16 hour work days!

I need to take some time to fully digest everything that has transpired over the last several months and then I’ll bring you the full story of my employment with PMG – it’ll be an “after the fact review” of sorts. Stay tuned.


Tax Season Tips & $10 FREE!!

befrugal bonusIt’s that time of the year: tax time! Some look forward to getting a refund, others dread filling out the forms. Regardless of your situation, there are ways to save on your filing and get ahead. BeFrugal.com founder Jon Lal shares this advice:

-Take the time to properly file your taxes. A few minutes of looking for deductions and gathering receipts can yield big savings.

-If you receive a refund check, use it to pay off any existing debt. If you are debt-free, save or invest your refund check.

He also has great savings offers for filing your taxes:

1. Save 50% Off All Services at One Price Taxes (offer expires 12/31). Plus, earn 15% Cash Back for more savings!
2. Free Federal Taxes are Done Online with no expiration by TurboTax .
3. Get 15% Off H&R Block At Home Online Products at H&R Block (offer expires 3/15). You can also earn $0.80 Cash Back for free.

BeFrugal.com offers free coupons and Cash Back, with an average rate of 5% at 2000+ online stores.

BeFrugal.com Members

For even more savings, sign up for a free account now and get a $10 bonus. Hurry! The $10 bonus offer is only available for a limited time.

To get the most savings, be sure you sign up for BeFrugal’s free Cash Back and activate your account before you click to use the coupon offers above. This way, you’ll earn Cash Back, save big from using these deals and score your $10 bonus if you just signed up for a new account! <


Amazon Free Ebooks

Right now you can download a free classic ebook from Amazon.com.  You can download free classic ebooks from Amazon.com, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Importance of Being Ernest.

Thank you to Bargain Blessings www.bargainblessings.com
for information about this freebie.

But, wait, there’s more!  When I went to Amazon.com, I searched in their search bar for “free ebooks” and many many more came up for free downloads.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this deal.  We downloaded a free ebook reader for our computer, so we can get the deal even though we don’t yet own a kindle or any other type of reader.

Hope many of you take advantage of free literature!  Never in history have people had it so good.  :)



Want a way to save more money?  I know I did.  So I tried.  Guess what.  It Really works! 

Say you want to order something from Groupon.com or Kohls, Vistaprint, Netflix, Target, try to go through Ebates.com .  This website gives you a % back of their % that they earn from advertising for different websites.

I bought some math materials off of Amazon and received a check for about $6 back and then later in the mail because of their special promotion, I received a $10 gift card to Target.  It was completely unexpected especially since I received the gift card even though I signed up before their promotion.

Vistaprint is great for creating your own personalized business cards, address return stamps, etc.  You could use their website to get great deals on freebies and use Ebates to get to their website for more $ back.

Hope this helps some of you who do online shopping!  I know it helped me more than I was expecting.


Valentines Day Colorado Deals

QDoba Valentines day deal

A Chipotle clone.

I’ve been on the prowl for fun Valentine’s Day themed deals around town and the only one I can seem to find is an awesome deal from QDoba:

Burrito usually $7
Kiss your spouse at the register for a BOGO
Final price: $3.50 each

Not a bad deal for an amazing burrito. If you want a tip from the thrifty guru, get your burrito with queso!!

Now through March 5th Burger King is offering a BOGO on their mouth watering, crispy, delicious chicken sandwiches. My fave is the American!

Caribou Coffee BOGO

Valentine's Goodness.

Caribou Coffee has also jumped on the BOGO bandwagon! Show the image to the right for a coffee Valentine’s BOGO!

Save wisely and live happy,

PS if you know of any other great Colorado deals, please do let me know in the comments below!


King Soopers Coupon Deal


These make a nice quick meal!

I hope to have some more coupon deals for you soon, for now I just found a killer deal on Knorr pasta and rice sides.

King Soopers

Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides
Normally $1.19 each
On sale for $1 each
Use the $.50 off 2 coupon from the 1/29 redplum King Soopers will double to $1 off 2
You can also find Knorr coupons on BrandNameCoupon.com
Get $.25 back in register rewards per item
(the wife just informed me that this is actually called a “catalina” not a register reward. So yes, the $.25 for each item will print as a catalina :)
Final Price $.25 each


DIY Frozen Hashbrowns w/ recipe


They cook up golden brown and delicious.

A big part of thrifty living is creativity. Today’s recipe isn’t creative necessarily but it took a bit of vision on my part. Albertsons had 10 lb bags of potatoes on sale for $2 per bag. Naturally, I bought 3 bags. As the cashier rang me up she asked, “How are you going to eat 30 lbs of potatoes before they go bad?”. Below was my answer:

If you can find a good deal, frozen hasbrowns cost around $1 per lb. IMHO, that’s not so bad when you consider the work it takes to bring a potato from its natural state to hashbrown status. But doing the work yourself often makes things taste better and cost less. Read more »


Andrea’s Couponing Testimony

Back in September 2011 I lost my job.
So my husband and I put ourselves on a very strict budget.
As I’ve mentioned to some of you, he likes to shop at Vitamin Cottage for about 80-90% of our food. The other food and toiletries I get at King Soopers.

We agreed that he would get a $75/week budget and I would get a $25/week budget. (Before, there was no budget, we both just bought what we wanted)
So on my first trip with $25, I came home with:
1 lb of butter
1 lb of cheese
1 small jar of peanut butter
a box of teabags
2 lbs of apples
1 lb of ground beef.
And I OVERSPENT by $5!
(Count them – 6 items for $30!!) All those items could fit in ONE grocery bag!

I was so discouraged, our fridge looked so bare and we started eating much of the older food in our pantry (which was a good thing so it didn’t go to waste). This went on for about a month. :(

One day when my friend Rachel T. and I got together for our weekly playdate, she happened to bring along her coupon binder and backpack full of coupons she needed to clip and file. I asked her about it and boy did she have plenty to tell me! I had my objections of course! That we eat primarily organic foods…that the things I use never have coupons…wouldn’t it take a long time? She answered those myths quite easily.

Today, if came home with 3 FULL bags full of groceries and I only spent $30. Yes, $5 over my budget (but hey, I got a job again, so it isn’t as big of deal!) Here is what I bought:
2 bags of chips (organic)
3 packages of paper plates
4 jars of Ragu pasta sauce – that I will be donating to a family in need
1 bottle of Safflower oil (organic)
5 packages of UP2U gum – donating, and I got if for FREE with a coupon
1 box of store brand rice
4 pouches of bumblebee tuna
2.5 lbs of bananas

3 lbs of apples
1 pint of ice cream (organic)

That is 23 items! for the same price as what I paid in the first list.

You might notice that the 1st list is more healthy than the 2nd list.

But you know what? I’ve already stockpiled peanut butter, teabags, meat, butter and cheese (using coupons of course!)
Now I can spend money on other items to compliment our meals, add a little change to our diets and fun to snack time.
Not to mention I get to donate to a family in need.

I felt the need to share my story. I hope you get something out of it.

About Andrea:  She is a mother to two, wife, and of course a coupon-fanantic.  Her passion for couponing shows in her everyday life.  She teaches couponing classes and is an administrator of the facebook page Colorado Coupon Ladies.  If you have any questions concerning organic living, couponing or more, leave a comment for Andrea.
Thank you Andrea for your Coupon Testimony!  We hope this inspires our readers to look into the advantages of couponing.


Coupon Exchange – Thornton, CO

Some of you have been asking when we are going to get together again.  If you want to come this Wednesday morning, shoot me an email at thriftryrachel@thethriftyguru.com .

We get together, talk over the deals, give our unused coupons away, and send expired coupons to the military.  (We collect a .25 – 1.00 donation for shipping costs, if you’re interested.)

It’s a lot of fun.  Niki (http://777online.wordpress.com/) calls it the “new quilting bee”.  :)


King Soopers/Krogers Coupons 2/2/12

YEA!  It finally happened. I’ve been couponing for more than 18 months and finally I received my first King Soopers coupons.

So, we’ve had a King Soopers loyalty card for 10+ years, but in that time, the cards have been lost and we just type in our phone number.  I heard KS sends out coupons so I tried to contact customer service to get our card # to add an address and I emailed and emailed and tried logging in and with no results.  So, I finally gave up, and got a new loyalty card with my cell phone number, added my address to it and voila!  new coupons.

I love how King Soopers promotes loyalty by offering their own KS store coupons along with manufacturers coupons in this quarterly coupon packet.

You will find in this packet:

SC Free Kroger Frozen Vegetables
SC Free Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll (1)
SC Free Ragu Pasta Sauce (1)
SC Free Colgate Toothpaste (1)
SC Save 50 cents on 2 Kroger Shredded/Bar Cheese

MC Save $1 on 2 Triscuit crackers
MC Save $2 on Nature Made Item
MC Save 75 cents on any 2 Pillsbury Rolls
MC Save 55 cens on any one Smart Balance Product
MC Save 75 cents on any 2 Betty Crocker Cake Mix/Frosting
MC Save $1 on any Stayfree product
MC Save $10.00 on any 3 Enfamil Powders
MC Save $1 on any Coconut Milk Beverage/Dessert
MC Save $2 on any Natures Bounty Vitamins
MC Save 50 cents on any 2 Pictsweet Steamables
MC  Save $1 on any Maalox product.

Hope this helps!  If you haven’t signed up already, get a loyalty card from KS and give them a physical address where they can send you coupons.

Save Wisely and Live Happy!

Coupon Lingo:   SC = Store Coupon    MC = Manufacturer’s Coupon  KS = King Soopers


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